Prices shown for Viledon PA560 G-10.

Speritex 665 HT and Filtrair FF560 are priced less- Please Call for best price. 
Filtrair CC600 $Call

29"x20"       10 per set  $483.33
61"x120"       4 per set  $406.69
61"x149"       4 per set  $504.94
65.5"x120"    4 per set  $436.67
65.5x149.5"  4 per set  $544.01
75.5"x120"    4 per set  $503.34
75.5"x120"    2 per set  $251.65
75.5"x149"    4 per set  $624.97
75.5"x30"      2 per set  $62.92
81"x145"       4 per set  $652.90
81"x36"         2 per set  $81.00
22"x36"         2 per set  $22.00
22"x145"       4 per set  $177.22

Bag Filters     10 pocket 4/cs   $100.00cs
Bag filters***   6 pocket size     $172.00cs
Bag filters are 23.25"x47"x8" or 10"
Prefilters 25"x72"  6/cs    $132.00cs
H.D. 22 gr. Fiberglass 30"x300'   $154.50
Std. 15gr. Fiberglass  30"x300'   $139.50
Paint Pockets  30"x50'     $110.00
Paint Pockets Green  30"x60'   $Call
SmartMedia    $Call
E-75 ployester PA   30"x90'   $81.00
Wave Filter media     $Call

Free Roller Tool with ceiling Filter Purchase
Note: The ceiling filter media is cut approx 3' larger than the frame size. It is rolled inot the frame with a roller tool. Please check your frame sizes. In the past we have seen many variations. We have even seen Blowtherm* dealers sell the wong size filters on several occasions, Weather-Rite*/Devilbiss* Air Make Up units have been used on some Blowtherm* spraybooths (25"x72" linked Panel Prefilters not bag filters).

Look at Global Finishing Bag Selection. (Go to Link Here)

**Bag filters: 23.25"x47"x8" we have green, purple and white/scrim styles available- Call.
***Our 6 pocket bag filters are extra deep- high capacity 23.25x47"x10"

Truck Booth Owners, please give us a call for a quote. Truck Booths may use a combination of sizes. Ceiling Filters can be 64"x108", 64"x144", 81"x108" or other sizes. Prefilter and Exhaust Bags 19.5"x36.75"x10" Please call
Replacement curtains for Blowtherm* and other prep-stations- Call
Do you have Italian Blowtherm* 2007 or later ? Please Call

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Call: 800-864-7382

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